St. John of God Residential and Day Services


Legal representative:

Brother Antonius Nguyen OH, Prior


Chief executive:

Dir. Ivan Jukić, MAS


Collegiate management

Medical director: Dr. Friedrich Rous

Nursing Director: Günther Widhalm

Financial manager: Erich Hütter


Co-opted member of the collegiate management

Educational manager: Dr. Martina Leitinger


In our St. John of God Care Centre we provide, in accordance with the values of the order, day and residential services for people of all ages with a range of needs including intellectual disability and psychiatric disorders at the sites of Kainbach bei Graz, Graz-Ragnitz, Hart bei Graz, Ruprecht an der Raab and Gleisdorf.

We provide Group Home Living in Kainbach bei Graz (eleven houses which are scattered over an area of 180 hectares) and St. Ruprecht an der Raab.




  • Care for the elderly according to Prof. Erwin Böhm
  • High care requirements (hospital-like structure)
  • Autism
  • Psychiatric disorders and dual diagnoses
  • Deafness and hearing impairment
  • Challenging behaviour



  • Full-time residential care
  • Respite care
  • 24 hour medical care



  • Day Care in Kainbach, Gleisdorf, Graz-Ragnitz and Hart bei Graz
  • Workshops for residents
  • Economics group (mainly agricultural activities)

Adult day services provide opportunities for community participation, for making friends as well as for maintaining, improving and learning new skills. Service users participate in a wide range of sheltered occupational activities including art and craftwork and assembly work but are also offered supported employment options.




The programmes offered by our team of Pedagogues, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Social Workers are based on our service users´ levels of ability and needs, aiming to enhance their quality of life.




  • Thematic weeks in our holiday house in Trahütten in Western Styria
  • Excursions and holidays in Austria and abroad
  • Sports and exercise (own indoor swimming pool in Kainbach and outdoor pool in Gleisdorf, skittle alley)
  • Events in Kainbach: Integrative family tent festival, private ball, playback show, disco, baking chestnuts etc.
  • Petting Zoo


We believe that man is a creation of God with an intrinsic value and inherent dignity.

The objective of our Pastoral Care Team is to convey God´s love to our residents and staff.

If necessary, we contact representatives of other religions. During Sunday church services and other liturgical feasts throughout the year we often use pictures, music or drama so that our residents get to know about God’s word with all senses.





Circus “Kunterbunt”

Our integrative circus performs at national and international events and it can also be booked for workshops. Juggling, acrobatics and fire shows amaze the audience.


Drama Group “theater nach draussen”

Theatre play helps people discover their strengths and capabilities. Every other year our drama group succesfully performs the “Passion play of Kainbach”.


Music Group “Adlercombo” and the Residents´Choir

With vocals, guitar, keyboard and percussion the band members enchant the heart of the audience. They also perform in public.


Shop “Kreative Einblicke”

Useful and decorative things, made with love and creativity in our resident workshops, can be bought every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The address is: Annenstraße 6 in 8020 Graz.


Cafeteria and small store

Some of our residents work in the cafeteria which is a popular meeting place. The adjoining small store offers a wide range of products for everyday needs.


Agriculture and forestry

Residents of the economics group work mainly in agriculture. They are accompanied by Key Workers. We have already won several awards for our cattle breeding. We process our milk in our own dairy and then deliver it to the St. John of God Care Centre as well as to the two hospitals of the Brothers of Saint John of God in Graz.



Lebenswelten der Barmherzigen Brüder – Steiermark
Johannes von Gott-Straße 12
8047 Kainbach bei Graz
Telefon: 0043 316 30 10 81-0
Fax: 0043 316 30 10 81-60
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der Barmherzigen Brüder – Steiermark
Johannes von Gott-Straße 12
8047 Kainbach bei Graz


Telefon: 0043 316 30 10 81 0
Fax: 0043 316 30 10 81 60